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About John Stork

I have enjoyed taking photos, drawing and painting for almost as long as I can remember. After a busy career in world-wide advertising and management consulting, I planned to paint full-time and took a foundation course at the Slade school of art. Then I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment: I can probably do even better work with a camera!

So now I concentrate on photography, aiming to make significant fine art images, work that people can enjoy, hanging on their walls.

For many years my main photography focus has been on travel and people, featuring differing cultures and environments, particularly in urban scenes. With less travel available recently, I have been exploring several new directions and my latest images leave much more to the viewer’s imagination. I still include people whenever possible.

I just love using my Nikon cameras and enjoy taking a wide range of other photographs, both locally and on expeditions around the world. We live in the south of England, near the New Forest and the Solent, and I happily photograph yachts, local wildlife, and events.  You will find many different subjects in the galleries on this website.

I hope you enjoy the images. Do get in touch (here) if there is anything you would like to discuss.


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