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A bit about me

I've carried a camera for almost as long as I can remember, but only concentrated on photography after busy careers in world-wide advertising and management consulting.  With a passion for art I planned to continue at art school after corporate life. However, following a short foundation course at the Slade, I had an 'a-ha' moment: one can be just as creative with a camera!

My focus these days is to develop fine art images, work that can be hung on walls and last for years. As I enjoy meeting people and taking portraits, I have largely concentrated on 'People and Places', featuring cultures, lifestyles and environments. Recently, though, and particularly after the Covid lockdown period with few people around, I have started to look elsewhere to develop images and impressions. This is work in progress.

People ask about cameras and other equipment, but over the years, I have learned that they are not critical factors. It's what one sees that matters, and how one uses light.

However, it is satisfying to use good equipment. I've enjoyed many different cameras, but now I'm most comfortable with the new(ish) Nikon mirrorless range, and have a Nikon Z7 and Z7ii. They feel instinctively 'right' and have the superb Nikon Z lenses available.

I am lucky to have a well-equipped studio in Lymington, by the New Forest and close to the Solent. If you look at some of my images you may spot that I also love boats...

Get in touch if you want to talk photography (or boats)!

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